Pinnawala Central College

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Pinnawala Central College
  • පින්නවල මධ්‍ය මහා විද්‍යාලය
  • பின்னாவாலா மத்திய கல்லூரி
Pinnawala Central College is located in Sri Lanka
Pinnawala Central College
Pinnawala Central College
Kegalle-Rambukkana Road

Coordinates7°18′N 80°24′E / 7.300°N 80.400°E / 7.300; 80.400Coordinates: 7°18′N 80°24′E / 7.300°N 80.400°E / 7.300; 80.400
School typeNational
Mottoදේ ආලෝක
(Brighten the Soul)
Founded1882; 138 years ago (1882)
School districtKegalle
PrincipalM. D. Wasantha Kumara
Age range5-19
Number of students~2,800
Medium of languageEnglish and Sinhala
HousesMahaweli, Kelani, Walawe, Nilvala
Color(s)Maroon, Golden yellow

Pinnawala Central College (Sinhala: පින්නවල මධ්‍ය මහා විද්‍යාලය Pinnawala Madhya Mahā Vidyālaya) (Tamil: பின்னாவாலா மத்திய கல்லூரி Pinnawala Madhya Kalloori) also known as the Pinnawala National School or Pinnawala Central is a public school near Pinnawala in Sri Lanka. The college is located approximately 2 km (1.2 mi) from Rambukkana and approximately 14 km (8.7 mi) from Kegalle.

The college is funded by the Ministry of Education, which appoints its principal, and falls within the Mawanelle Education zone.[1] The principal is the head of the administration of the college and is assisted by a vice principal. The college educates close to 2,800 students in both secondary and primary education.[citation needed] The college hostels are administered by the warden under supervision of the principal and assisted by a sub-warden.


Pinnawala Central College was established in 1882 as the 'Government Boys' School' on 0.5 ha (1.2 acres) of land[2] with 45 students and 6 teachers in one building in 1870. Mr. Brampisingo was the first principal, appointed in 1920. Classes covered grades 1 – 5. In 1956 it became a mixed school. A contribution was offered by philanthropist and late minister N. H. Keerthiratne and S. A. Lokubandara Bentota. In 1963 the opportunity was obtained to follow the Advanced Level Examination in Arts stream and increased the classes from grade 1-12 and laid the path for more students to enroll at the school.[citation needed]

Students were allowed to enter the Advanced Level in the science stream in 1964 and later in the commerce stream; it became a national school on 12 September 1995.[citation needed]

Two double floor buildings were opened as male and female hostels on 0.5 ha (1.2 acres) of land, later expanded to 2.44 ha (6.0 acres) hosting 45 buildings. The school offers a large playground, a library, an audio-visual unit laboratory, for G.C.E. O/L, Information Technology unit, Home Science unit, Agriculture unit, Aesthetic unit, Scout troop and Environmental unit.


The students are divided into four houses. These are led by House Captains, competing in all major games to win the inter-house games and house colors are awarded winners. The houses are:

Name Native name Motto Colour
Maheweli මහවැලි      Yellow
Kelani කැළණි      Red
Walawe වලවේ      Green
Nilvala නිල්වලා      Blue


In 2017, a two-day training for Sepaktakraw was scheduled to be held at Pinnawala Central College grounds for the eight schools of the Kegalle District and Uva/Sabaragamuwa Provinces by invitation from the President of the newly formed Sri Lanka Schools Sepaktakraw Association, Wasantha Kumara.[3] Players from Pinnawala College planned to compete at the sport's world championship in Thailand the same year.[4]


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