Pinsk Region

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Pinsk Region

Pinsk Region (Pinsk Voblast, Belarusian: Пінская вобласць, Russian: Пинская Область) was a territorial unit in the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic created after the annexation of West Belarus into the BSSR in November 1939. The administrative centre of the province was the city of Pinsk, the oblast was founded on 4 December 1939 with 16.3 thousand square km and 533.6 thousand people.

The Voblast consisted of 11 raions:

With four cities: Pinsk, Davyd-Haradok, Luninyets and Stolin

On January 8, 1954, due to the administrative reform of the BSSR the Oblast was completely incorporated into the modern Brest Voblast.

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