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The Pioneer Settlement, in Swan Hill, Victoria, is Australia's first open-air museum, portraying life on the Murray in the era 1830-1930.[1] It opened in 1966 as the Swan Hill Folk Museum,[2] before being renamed, following a visit by the Queen in 1970.[3] It contains approximately 50 replica buildings, including Masonic hall, coach-house, post office, photographic studio, original 1895 kaiserpanorama,[4] and newspaper office.[5] The collection also contains numerous tractors – including the first tractor ever brought to Australia[6] – and historic vehicles, and two 19th century riverboats, including the 1876 paddlesteamer PS Gem.[5] This vessel was towed to the site in 1963,[7] and now functions as the main entrance and contains a restaurant.

In 1994 an act of Parliament brought the Settlement under the control of the Swan Hill City Council.[8]


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