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Pip Utton is a British actor and playwright. Utton was born 15 February 1952,[1] raised and educated in Cannock.[2] He authored the award-winning Adolf, Chaplin[3] and Only The Lonely.[4] As one of the leading solo performers in the United Kingdom,[5] most of his plays are monodramas, performable by a single actor. Utton won the top award at the 2006 Thespis[6] 5th International Monodrama Festival performing Bacon[7] written by Utton and Jeremy Towler.

He is based at the Merlin Theatre[8] in Frome, Somerset. He is a regular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe and tours internationally, in part supported by the British Council.[9]

Many of his plays evoked a strong audience reaction: Adolf induced some audience members to leave during the performance or to attack Utton;[10] some felt physically sick[citation needed] during his performance of Labels,[11] Utton's adaptation of the Louis de Bernières' short story of the same name.

Utton was previously Vice Chair of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe board.