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Pippa Coom in early 2011.

Pippa Coom is an Auckland, New Zealand politician, who is the chair of the Local Board of the Waitemata Ward.[1] She was elected in 2010 on the City Vision ticket.[2] She was re-elected in 2013, getting the highest number of votes of all candidates in her board area.[3] Coom was again re-elected to the Waitematā Local Board at the 2016 Auckland elections,[4] and became Chair of the Board.[5]

Among her interests, she supports increased cycling for transport in Auckland,[6] and has been involved in organizing events such as the 'Cycle Style Gala' with Cycle Action Auckland,[7] and is a coordinator for Frocks on Bikes women cycling events.[8] She is also involved in environmental groups like Grey Lynn 2030.[9] Previous to succeeding in her bid for a Local Board seat, she worked as a lawyer for Vector, and campaigned for a seat on the Board of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust.[10]

For her work with Cycle Action Auckland and the Grey Lynn Farmer's Market, she won the Sustainable Business Network "Sustainability Champion Award (2011)".[11]


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