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Family name
Meaning Originally meant butterfly
Region of origin Persia
Related names Piracha, Peracha, Pracha, Paracha, Ferasha

Piracha (also known as Peracha, Pracha, Paracha, (Persian: پاراچا) , (Urdu: پراچہ) is a family name, originating from the descendants of Ali Yamani, who was responsible for the preparation of Muhammad seating area and as some believe the descendants of Alexander the Great although that theory is highly debatable. The Pirachas originally were called the Ferashas which means butterfly but as the name seeped into the Persian culture and after a man named Abul Aas married a Persian princess the name was transformed into Paracha to suit the Persian language better.


They were migrated from northern Yemen during the 7th Century AD and travelled to Iran where they were called Ferashas or people who were direct descendants of Ali Yamani, a cloth trader who used to prepare the seating area of Muhammad. Ferash in Persian means ground. Many from this tribe/clan eventually traveled into Afghanistan and Pakistan, mostly in the north which is why there are speculations of them being related to Alexander the Great. Others settled in Makhad in about 12th Century AD. In Pakistan they became to known as Pirachas. It is believed the clan settled in what is presently northern Pakistan although a lot have moved into southern Pakistan in areas such as Karachi.

Today, the Pirachas are scattered all over the world, and follow the various professions which are mainly business, trading, journalism, and politics. Piracha's (known by the individual prefixes of the seven groups) are wealthy traders of Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Pirachas share a strong bound with Iran as their ancestors migrated from Iran.

Although there are many theories as to how the Pirachas came to be none have been proven and are just considered rumors among people. Information seems to be passed along generations upon generations and the basis as to how the Pirachas came to be is still a mystery. Various people from all over Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran names Pirachas all seem to believe in different theories as there really is no real history to how the name came to be.


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