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Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej
Born 1882
Mumbai, India
Died 1972
Nationality Indian
Occupation Businessman, Entrepreneur

Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej (1882-1972) was an Indian businessman who, alongside his brother Ardeshir, cofounded Godrej Brothers, laying the foundations for what is today a major international conglomerate, the Godrej Group.


He was the son of Burjorji Godrej and a member of the Parsi community. Working with his elder brother Ardeshir Godrej, who was the inventive force behind the partnership, Pirojsha made Godrej a household name in India. Pirojsha had three sons, Sohrab, Burjor, who married Jai Dastur, and Naoroji, popularly known as Naval, who married Soonoo Dastur. He also had a daughter named Dosa, who married Kaikhushroo Naoroji. Pirojsha experienced a great tragedy in his life when his young wife named Soonabai died in Mussoorie due to the influenza epidemic.

The industrial township Pirojshanagar outside Mumbai is named after him. The logo of the Godrej group is taken from his signature. Today, his grandsons Adi, Nadir, and Jamshyd run the Godrej group.

Adi Godrej’s youngest son is also named as Pirojsha Godrej who is currently part of the godrej business as Managing director and CEO Godrej properties limited.[1]


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