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Piss(es), pissed, pissing or piss off may refer to:

  • Urine, a sterile, liquid by-product of the body that is secreted by the kidneys and excreted through the urethra
    • Urination, the ejection of urine to the outside of the body
  • Angry, or pissed off—considered mildly vulgar
  • Piss off, a phrasal verb of piss meaning "go away".[1]
  • Drunk, pissed, adj. British and Commonwealth slang, common usage but also mildly vulgar
  • An alcoholic beverage of poor or inferior quality, informally
  • PISS and PISS Weak,[2] two Australian beers manufactured in the 1990s by the Pi55 Beer Company in Richmond, VIC. (The names - in order - are a play on the above term and slang for something of poor quality.)
  • Piss (album), a 1993 album by Slank
  • "Piss", a song by Pantera from the album Vulgar Display of Power
  • "Piss", a song by Ministry from the album Animositisomina
  • Pissed (album), a 1994 album by Dangerous Toys
  • Pissed (2000 film), a film featuring Wendie Jo Sperber
  • Pissed (2005 film), a film featuring Marco Khan
  • Pin Index Safety System (PISS), a type of safety system

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