Pitch Black Afro

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Pitch Black Afro
Birth name Thulani Ngcobo
Born Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2003-present
  • Ghetto Ruff International
  • Will Of Steel Productions

Pitch Black Afro (Thulani Ngcobo)[1] is a South African Kwaito/Hip Hop MC[2] from the Johannesburg township of Soweto. He found rapping a successful way to control his stutter, and commonly wears an Afro wig.[3]

Pitch Black Afro's style is similar to that of American MC's, citing Redman as an influence, but raps in English, Zulu and a slangy mixture of different languages called tsotsi taal.

He became a favourite on the club scene often playing with 'The Native Huts Allstars' and was eventually discovered by DJ Cleo during a stint doing "Rap Activity Jams" on YFM radio. His first album was produced by Cleo and released in 2004, selling 50,000 copies in South Africa with hit singles Pitch Black Afro,Matofotofo & A Day In My Life.This made his debut album 'Styling Gel' the biggest ever selling African Hip Hop album (at the time)until Cassper Nyovest released his debut album Tsholofelo in 2014 which went platinum sales since Pitch Black Afro. He followed this with his second album "Split Enz" in 2006.

In 2006, Pitch Black Afro was accused of assaulting a fan and causing damage to property in a Johannesburg mall.[4]


[5] 2004 - Styling Gel

2006 - Split Endz

2009 - Zonke Bonke

[6] Pitch Black Afro : ZONKE BONKE!!! - 2009

Pitch black afro : Int'emnandi


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