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Pius Okigbo (February 6, 1924 — 2000) was an eminent Nigerian economist from Ojoto, the present headquarters of Idemili South Local Government Area in Anambra State; he was the older brother of the poet Christopher Okigbo. Receiving his secondary schooling at Christ the King College, Onitsha,[1] he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics through private study, after, he proceeded to Northwestern University, where he earned an MA and Ph.D in Economics.

As a scholar, he contributed a great deal[clarification needed] in propelling into academic discourse, new methods for solving African economic problems. He gained academic acclaim in Nigeria when he published a book on the national accounting standard of Nigeria.[citation needed] He was then appointed as the economic adviser to the governor of the Eastern region of Nigeria.[citation needed]

As an erudite scholar on public finance, he lent his service to public scholarship and policy, he was chairman in a number of Nigerian committees, particularly those dealing with the economic direction of the country. In 1994, as chairman of a committee to probe the activities of the Central Bank of Nigeria, he released a report critical of the government's role in mismanaging 12.4 billion dollars of oil revenues accrued primarily to two special accounts. The panel's report is popularly known as the Okigbo report.[citation needed]

He was one of the scholars who believed that commodity shocks, deficit financing and government mismanagement are the bane of Nigeria's economic development.[citation needed]


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