Pixel Twist

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Pixel Twist cover art.jpg
Developer(s) BOBBLEBROOK
Publisher(s) Noodlecake Studios
Platform(s) Android
When the game field is rotated properly, the blocks will align to form a picture of an ear of corn.

Pixel Twist is a puzzle video game created by BOBBLEBROOK and published by Noodlecake Studios for the Android.[1] In the game, players rotate a field of different colored blocks until the blocks are aligned such that they form a picture.[2] The game is similar to the Flash game Coign of Vantage.[3]


Android Magazine rated the game 4/5: "It isn't a long game by any stretch of the mind, but Pixel Twist is defi nitely a fun time-waster you should take a look at next time you hit the store."[4]


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