Placido Mossello

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Placido Mossello (Montà d'Alba, 1835-1894)[1] was an Italian painter.


He was a resident of Turin. He painted decoration in the way of frescoes and painted furniture, including a cabinet painted in tempera exhibited along with Francesco Carando. He painted Flos Florum, exhibited in 1880; and an oil painting of La Madonna,exhibited in 1887 at Venice.[2] Along with his brother, Domenico Mossello, he frescoed Putti (1864) in the ballroom of Royal Apartments of the Castello de La Mandria, found in the La Mandria Regional Park,[3] located northwest of Turin. He also frescoed ceilings (1878) in Palazzo Marenco of Turin.[4] He also worked as an architect, designing the hexagonal Piloni, which are small chapels-shrines (1903), housing terra-cotta scenes of the Via Crucis at the Santuario dei Piloni at Montà d'Alba.