Plana Cays

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Plana Cays
The western Plana Cay, looking northeast
Plana Cays is located in Bahamas
Plana Cays
Plana Cays
The location of Plana Cays within the Bahamas
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates22°36′00″N 73°34′23″W / 22.600°N 73.573°W / 22.600; -73.573Coordinates: 22°36′00″N 73°34′23″W / 22.600°N 73.573°W / 22.600; -73.573
ArchipelagoLucayan Archipelago

The Plana Cays are a group of two small islands in the southern Bahama Islands located east of Acklins Island and west of Mayaguana Island. The islands are today uninhabited.

Topographic map of Acklins Island and Crooked Island, with Plana Cays in the east (right).

The eastern cay was the last natural habitat of the Bahamaian hutia, a species of rabbit-sized rodent. It was thought to be extinct until 1966, when a population was found on the Plana Cays by Garrett Clough. Hutias have since been transplanted from the Plana Cays to other parts of the Bahamas.

The Plana Cays have been suggested as the first landfall of Christopher Columbus in the New World.[1][2]


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