Planetoid (comics)

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Planetoid issue one cover.jpg
No. of issues 5
Publisher Image Comics
Creative team
Writers Ken Garing
Artists Ken Garing
Original publication
Published in June 2012

Planetoid is a comic first released in June 2012 by Image Comics, written and drawn by Ken Garing. The main character is Silas, a deserter turned space pirate who ends up the sole survivor of his crew and crashes on a planetoid in alien territory, where he must fight off various mechanical creatures, cyborg militias, and the alien military which has a bounty on him.[1][2]

Publication history[edit]

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Garing stated that he spent years working at improvements on Planetoid, then at a convention showed it to Image, who agreed to publish it.[3] The first story arc is a 5-issue mini-series. The story is intended to continue to unfold in further mini-series and one-shots.[4]

It was originally a miniseries available digitally through Graphicly.[5]

A second miniseries, Planetoid: Praxis, began in February 2017. It will be six issues long.[6]


Ain't It Cool News calls it "richly and beautifully illustrated" and states that Garing can make "beautiful art and an engaging story".[7] Multiversity Comics praised "Ken Garing’s excellent artistic style" and calls him an "excellent sequential storyteller."[8]


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