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Planta Europa is the network of independent organisations, non-governmental and governmental, working together to conserve European wild plants and fungi. It brings together more than 70 member organisations from 37 European countries.

The Planta Europa Network was established in 1995 as a result of a conference discussing pan-European cooperation for plant conservation. Since then, Planta Europa has held a conference once every three years (1998 in Sweden, 2001 in the Czech Republic, 2004 in Spain, 2007 in Romania and in 2011 in Poland). At these Planta Europa conferences, botanists and plant conservationists from countries across Europe gather to discuss the directions and joint goals for plant conservation.

At the 2007 PE Conference in Romania, members of Planta Europa worked together towards producing a new European Plant Conservation Strategy, to be published in 2008.[needs update] The secretariat for Planta Europa is based in The Hague, The Netherlands (See Planta Europa website)

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