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Platform for Action in Creative Theater - PACT as it is commonly known as in Indian theatrical circle[citation needed] has been involved in Theatrics, Arts and Cultural Management and also been working as a facilitating platform for new budding Theater Actors and Directors.


PACT has been credited with lots of innovating works like engaging itself in Training Programs using Theater as a tool or engaging itself in Rural Marketing promotions and also implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities.[citation needed]

Core Team[edit]

Gouri Nilakantan : Gouri holds a Masters degree in Theater from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and currently pursuing her PhD in Theater from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has directed over 25 Plays including critically acclaimed Water by Komal Swaminathan, Imaginary Invalid by Molière, and Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, The Little Prince and Some Unknown Arabian Nights in both India and the United States. Her fields of expertise lie in Children’s theater and Augusto Boal Techniques. She is currently writing a book in Drama and Music Education with Robert Lee, Associate Chair, Early Music Education Program, Miami University, “From the Children of India to the Children of America”.

Paul ‘Spike’ Wilson : Professional actor, director, translator, and teacher with over 20 years of experience in children's theatre. His areas of expertise range from Theater of the Oppressed to Drama Therapy and Drama for Literacy. He currently serves as the Teacher-in-Residence for Curtain Call Theater for Children in Kokomo, Indiana where he runs a summer training program for children ages 4 and up.

Purple Umbrella Theater Festival[edit]

Purple Umbrella Theater Festival has been conceived by PACT (Platform for Action in Creative Theater)for the purpose of promoting and strengthening excellence, access, and education in the theatrical arts and to create a vibrant performing art culture amongst children. Through participation in the Festival, students with interests in acting, directing and technical theater will gain valuable performance and production experience.

Highlights of the event

  • The largest children theater activity of its kind
  • Spread over a month across various venues in Delhi and NCR
  • The event will be exposed to over 500,000 students and over 2000 schools in Delhi and NCR
  • Entirely driven by children including anchoring
  • Individual as well as group awards and recognition

Festival’s Theme for 2011: Satyameva Jayate(truth will prevail)

Abhivyakti Theater Workshop[edit]

Abhivyakti Theater Workshop is specifically designed to help each student focus and develop his or her:

* Communication Skills 
* Expressions | Expressions in a better way
* Critical thinking|Critical Thinking Ability
* Leadership Skills and Team Spirit
* Moral and Spiritual values
* Sensitivity & Understanding towards the feelings of others
* Fostering Peer Acceptance and Self-worth

Main Stage Productions[edit]

After Dark, directed by Feisal Alkazi, India Habitat Center, 2007

People like us, Directed by Feisal Alkazi, India Habitat Center, 2005

Genesis Project, an original Performance piece directed by Dr. Sally Harrison Pepper and produced by the department of Theater, Miami University, 2004

Chhere (an adaptation of Come back Little Sheeba) directed by Feisal Alkazi, 1998

Women directed by Feisal Alkazi, 1998

Odhni (a folk play) written by Vijay Dan Deta directed Feisal Alkazi, 1995

Teleplay Teen Paise ka Nautanki (an adaptation of Three penny Opera) directed by Amal Allana and produced by Department of Culture, India, 1998

Teleserial Aaj ki naari Directed by Smita Vats and Produced by India Today

Teleserial Tarang directed by Smita Vats and produced by the Department of Broadcasting and Communication, Government of India, 1996

Teleplay Like that only directed by Feisal Alkazi and produced by Department of Communication and Broadcasting, Government of India, 1996

Chaal, directed by Feisal Alkazi, Epicentre, 2010

Keep Tightly Closed in Cool Dark Place, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2010, Epicentre

King of Kahanistan, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2009, Epicentre

Prisoner of Zenda, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2009, Epicentre

After Dark, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2008, Epicentre

People like us, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2008, Epicentre

Tom Sawyer, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2007, Shri Ram Center

Choices, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2007, India Habitat Centre

Treasure Island, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2006, Shri Ram Center Auditorium

Dharamaputra, written by Mahesh Eswancker, directed by Feisal Alkazi, 2001, at India Habitat Center,

Set Design[edit]

  • Glass Menagerie, directed by Gouri Nilakantan, 2005, LTG, Mandi House
  • Set design of Seven in All lets Woo Them All (adaptation of Seven Wives for Seven Brothers) directed by Renu Malhotra, 1998, Kamani Auditorium
  • Yeh Jahannum Hai, to be performed at Epicentre, May 2011
  • The Wise and the Foolish Maidens, Queen Mary Auditorium, December 2010
  • Ek Bhayanak Sach, Queen Mary Auditorium, December, 2010
  • Aesop’s Fables, Queen Mary Auditorium, December, 2010
  • Not I, Not I, Never I, Epicentre, July 2010
  • Tales with Tails, Epicentre, March 2010
  • The Girl and the Snake, Lok Kala Manch, December, 2009
  • A Christmas Parcel, Epicentre, October 2009
  • Six Pesos for Sunday, Epicentre, March 2009
  • Pepper the Phantom Monkey, Lok Kala Manch, March, 2008
  • The Stone Soup, Lok Kala Manch, January, 2008
  • The Dragon Kite, Lok Kala Manch, December, 2007
  • Kamala, St Marks School Auditorium, October 2007
  • Tales from India, April, 2007, Sat Paul Mittal Auditorium, Ludhiana
  • The Little Prince, December, 2006, Suncity World School
  • Imaginary Invalid, October 2006, St Marks School Auditorium
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, May 2006, Hill top School Dalhousie
  • Glass Menagerie, 2005, LTG, Mandi House,
  • Water, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2003


Six characters in search of an Author, Directed by Dr. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Miami University, 2003.

Little Clay Cart, directed by Dr. Howard Blanning, Miami University, 2003

More Works They are currently involved in implementing awareness programs for Delhi Metro commuters about etiquettes of commuting inside and a Metro Train and about various security issues involved.