Play It Again, Shan

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Play it Again Shan
Studio album by MC Shan
Released April 11, 1990
Genre Hip hop
Label Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. Records
Producer John Ficarrotta
MC Shan
MC Shan chronology
Born to Be Wild
Play It Again, Shan

Play It Again Shan is the third and final album by Cold Chillin' Records artist and Juice Crew member MC Shan. The album was released in 1990 on Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros. Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Ain't It Good To You (feat. Carole Davis)
  2. I Ran The Game
  3. Ain't We Funkin'
  4. It Ain't A Hip Hop Record
  5. Death Was Quite A Surprise
  6. Walking On Sunshine
  7. Rock Stuff
  8. Clap Your Hands
  9. Music You Can Dance To
  10. Time For Us To Defend Ourselves
  11. It Don't Mean A Thing
  12. I Want To Thank You
  13. Got To Be Funky
  14. Mic Line
  15. How I Feel About You