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Pleiße in Markkleeberg.jpg
The Pleiße in Markkleeberg, near Leipzig
Location Saxony, Thuringia,  Germany
Length 90 km
Source Drei-Linden-Brunnen (formerly Alboldsbrunnen) in Ebersbrunn near Zwickau
50°38′51″N 12°25′31″E / 50.64750°N 12.42528°E / 50.64750; 12.42528Coordinates: 50°38′51″N 12°25′31″E / 50.64750°N 12.42528°E / 50.64750; 12.42528
Source height 443 m
Mouth White Elster (Elster flood plain) in Leipzig
51°19′21″N 12°21′27″E / 51.32250°N 12.35750°E / 51.32250; 12.35750
Mouth height 103 m
Descent 340 m
Basin Elbe
Progression White Elster → Saale → Elbe → North Sea
Catchment 1,876 km²
Right tributaries Paradiesbach, Wyhra, Gösel
Left tributaries Koberbach, Sprotte
Cities Leipzig
Large towns Werdau, Crimmitschau, Altenburg, Markkleeberg
Small towns Gößnitz, Regis-Breitingen, Rötha, Böhlen
Ports none
Navigable no

The Pleiße is a right tributary of the White Elster in Saxony, Germany. It has its source southwest of Zwickau at Ebersbrunn, then flows through Werdau, Crimmitschau, Altenburg, and other towns and villages in Saxony and Thuringia, before meeting the White Elster in Leipzig.

The river originally had a natural length of 115 km; however, south of Leipzig, it has been straightened, which shortened it to around 90 km.

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