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Podcast Pickle
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Podcast Pickle, launched in March 2005 by Gary Leland, was both a podcast/vidcast directory and community. Time magazine listed it as one of its 50 "coolest" sites in August, 2006.[1] More than 12,000 podcasts and vidcasts appeared on the site as of March 2007. Podcast Pickle provided podcast family-tree listings, podcast players that work on external sites, blogs, profiles, and community forums. The site was shut down in 2015.

Mentions in media[edit]

Podcast Pickle has been written about in the following books: Podcasting For Dummies[2] and The Business Podcasting Bible.[3] Gary Leland has also been quoted in the books Tricks of The Podcast Masters[4] and Promoting Your Podcast.[5]


  • Podcast Pickle was a finalist for the 2006 Webby Awards.[6]


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