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Poetry London is a leading London-based literary periodical which publishes poetry, reviews and listings which is published three times a year.

History and profile[edit]

An earlier magazine was published under the title Poetry London: A Bi-Monthly of Modern Verse and Criticism. This publication was founded by Tambimuttu and the first issue was dated January/February 1939.[1] The associated publishing imprint, Editions Poetry London, formed in 1943, produced some 70 books and pamphlets, including by Keith Douglas, G. S. Fraser, Henry Miller, Vladimir Nabokov and Kathleen Raine, before being discontinued in 1951.[2]

In this current format it has existed since 1988[3] when it was a listings magazine. Despite the name, Poetry London publishes poetry from across the UK and the world. The current editorial team is headed by poet Ahren Warner. Previous poetry editors have included Colette Bryce, Pascale Petit and Maurice Riordan. The magazine also holds launch events and an annual competition.

Contributors to Poetry London[edit]

Contributors to Poetry London have included some of the most well-known poets writing in English. Each issue carries both established and emerging poets, and the magazine operates an open submissions policy.

The magazine also features a portrait of a featured poet included in the issue on the cover. Past cover poets have included Fred D'Aguiar, Carol Ann Duffy, Philip Gross, Helen Farish and Julia Copus.

Contributors to Poetry London: A Bi-Monthly of Modern Verse and Criticism[edit]

Main contributors included Dylan Thomas, Herbert Read, Stephen Spender, George Barker, Lawrence Durrell.

Contributors by issue[edit]

Issue 5, March–April, 1941: the "Poets in Uniform" number[edit]

Contributors: Herbert Read, Stephen Spender, George Barker, G. S. Fraser, Alan Rook, Desmond Hawkins, Alun Lewis, Tom Scott, Lawrence Durrell, J. F. Hendry, Paul Éluard, John Waller, George Scurfield, Herbert Corby, David Gascoyne.

May–June 1941[edit]

including Dylan Thomas (poem: "Love in the Asylum")

Volume 4, May 1949, Number 15[edit]

George Barker, Edwin Muir, Gavin Ewart, Bernard Spencer, Kenneth Slessor, Frank Richards


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