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Poinard is a former French auto-maker. The vehicles commenced development in 1951, were presented to the public in 1952,[1] and withdrawn from production in 1953.

The car[edit]

The only model produced was a three-wheeler urban cycle car which closely resembled the side-car half of a motor-cycle/side car combination. This reflected Poinard’s main business as a side-car manufacturer. The driver sat alone on a saddle controlling the front wheel using a motorcycle style handle-bars. Close behind the driver was a bench seat suitable for two narrow passengers, although doubts have been expressed as to whether the vehicle’s engine power would have been sufficient to move so many people.[1]

The engine[edit]

The Poinard was one of several cycle cars of the period to be powered by an Ydral single cylinder 125 cc two stroke engine positioned to the rear and delivering a claimed 4 hp of power.


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