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Poindexter is a surname most commonly found in the USA but originally from the island of Jersey, where it survives in its original form of 'Poingdestre'.[1]


People with the name Poindexter:

  • Admiral John Poindexter (born 1936), National Security Advisor for the Reagan administration, involved in the Iran-Contra Affair
  • Alan G. Poindexter (1961–2012), American astronaut and son of Admiral John Poindexter
  • Buster Poindexter, pseudonym of rock musician David Johansen, (born 1950)
  • Charles Poindexter (born 1942), American politician from Virginia
  • George Poindexter (1779–1853), American politician
  • Hildrus Poindexter (1901–1987), epidemiologist and scientist
  • Jennings Poindexter (1910-1983), American baseball player
  • Joseph B. Poindexter (1869–1951), territorial governor of Hawaii
  • Larry Poindexter (born 1959), American actor
  • Miles Poindexter (1868–1946), American politician from Washington
  • James T. Poindexter, American artist, Lived in Evansville, IN from 1852-1882. He was one of Indiana's mid-19th century's best known portraitists.



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