Point Break Live!

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Point Break Live!
Written byJaime Keeling
CharactersJohnny Utah
Date premiered2003
Place premieredLittle Theatre, Northwest Film Forum
Seattle, Washington
Original languageEnglish
SubjectPoint Break
GenreComedy, parody

Point Break Live! is a parody by Jaime Keeling[1] of the 1991 Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze action crime movie Point Break.[2] Sometimes credited as the first-ever "reality-play",[3][4] each performance features a new, unrehearsed actor in the protagonist role of Johnny Utah, reading their lines from cue-cards delivered by a production assistant.[2]

How it works[edit]

At the start of the show, audience members who wish to play Johnny Utah are called on stage and put through a quick faux-audition. The winner is then selected by audience Applause-o-meter. A cue card assistant (cast member) leads Utah around the stage throughout the play and shows him or her the lines on laminated cards. Some have said that the winner is frequently a "ringer," because the person chosen is often a good actor and always fits into the wetsuit. The play is an over-the-top, action-packed comedy.[2]


The play premiered in a sold-out 2-month run co-directed by Jaime Keeling and Jamie Hook at Seattle's Northwest Film Forum[5] and has since toured throughout the country, including extended runs at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in Minneapolis[6] and Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, New York.[7] The show played recently at the La Tea Theater in Manhattan. It previously played at Charlie O's Lounge in the Hotel Alexandria in downtown Los Angeles,[8] where much of the movie took place, and premiered on October 1, 2008 at the V Theater at the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas.[9] Producer-Director Eve Hars brought the show to Chicago's New Rock Theater, where it ran from March to October 2010, and reopened for a short spring run in 2011.[10]

The show's longest run to date is in LA/Hollywood, where it opened in 2007[11] and closed June 25, 2016.[12]

Current productions[edit]

Point Break Live! is currently running at:

The San Francisco production ran sequentially across 4 different venues between April 11, 2008 and June 3, 2016.[17] (Last tickets: https://archive.org/details/DNALOUNGE-2016-06-03) All but 2 of its performances sold out. During this period, the show closed out its first venue (The Xenodrome) and third venue (The Metreon) due to impending reconstruction projects. The final night was almost cancelled due to a bomb threat at the theater. (https://web.archive.org/web/20160615020643/http://sfist.com/2016/06/03/sfpd_evacuating_offices_rerouting_m.php)



  • Mayor Gavin Newsom declared April 11, 2008 "Point Break Live! Day" in San Francisco.[26]
  • Point Break Live! hit the #1 spot on E! Daily 10 in 2008.[27]
  • ABC News Nightline aired a segment about Point Break Live! in 2009.[28]
  • WGN aired a segment of Chicago's Best with Brittney Payton, daughter of Walter Payton interviewing the cast[29]


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