Point of Rocks (Kansas)

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Coordinates: 37°06′14″N 101°56′20″W / 37.103912°N 101.938780°W / 37.103912; -101.938780 Point of Rocks, in Morton County, Kansas, was one of three landmarks by the same name on the Santa Fe Trail. This one was on the Cimarron cutoff. It is now part of Cimarron National Grassland.

Point of Rocks overlooking the wooded valley of the Cimarron River.

Point of Rocks has been an important landmark for travellers to this region of Kansas. It signifies the closeness of springs and thus water. Many springs are known to exist in the region of the Cimarron River near Point of Rocks. Because of this, Point of Rocks was an important landmark for travelers heading west on the Cimarron Cutoff and for modern day ranchers. Point of Rocks is the 3rd Highest Point in the state of Kansas with the elevation at its summit being 3,540 feet (1,080 m).

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