Points North

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Points North
Points North band May 29 2015 Oakland CA The New Parish.jpg
The band (Eric Barnett, Kevin Aiello and Uriah Duffy) at The New Parish in Oakland, May 2015
Background information
GenresInstrumental rock, progressive rock
Years active2008–present
LabelsMagna Carta
Associated actsFred Barchetta
MembersEric Barnett
Uriah Duffy
Kevin Aiello
Past membersDamien Sisson

Points North is a California-based progressive rock band consisting of guitarist Eric Barnett, bassist Uriah Duffy and drummer Kevin Aiello. The band has released two studio albums, and is known for its high energy shows.[1] Barnett was a finalist in the 2008 Guitar Superstar [2] competition. Barnett has contributed tips to instrumental guitarists in Guitar Player magazine, [3] and has also contributed music to video games.[4] Duffy may be best known for bringing a fresh injection of talent to the band Whitesnake [5] [6] between 2006 and 2010. He joined Points North shortly after their first CD was released. [7] [8] The band also does gigs as their alter ego Fred Barchetta in tribute to the band Rush adding Kristina Borja on vocals. [9]



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