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Pokey, Poky or Pokie may refer to:

In entertainment[edit]

  • Pokey (Mario), a recurring enemy from the Super Mario series
  • Pokey (Gumby character), a character from the Gumby television series
  • Pokey the Penguin, a surrealistic online comic strip and its eponymous title character
  • Pokey, the nickname for "Clyde", the orange ghost, in the arcade game Pac-Man
  • Pokey Minch (Porky Minch), a character in the Super NES video game EarthBound (Mother 2), and the Pig King in Mother 3
  • The Poky Little Puppy, a fictional character whose name is sometimes shortened to just Poky
  • Poky (Yoko Tsuno), a character in comic album series Yoko Tsuno
  • Poky (device), a casino gambling machine



  • Pokey Allen (1943–1996), football player and head coach
  • Pokey Chatman (born 1969), Women's National Basketball Association general manager and head coach
  • Pokey LaFarge (born 1983), American musician and songwriter
  • Pokey Reddick (born 1964), retired National Hockey League goaltender
  • Pokey Reese (born 1973), former Major League Baseball player
  • Lillian Watson (born 1950), American former world record holder in swimming



  • Pokey, a slang expression for prison
  • Pokie or nipple poking, an erect nipple visible beneath clothing. Usually in the plural.
  • Pokies, Australian slang for slot machines

Other uses[edit]

  • POKEY, a digital I/O chip in the Atari 8-bit family of computers and many arcade games
  • Any of several species of Poecilotheria, a genus of spiders
  • "Pokey Award" by the Straphangers Campaign for the slowest bus route, by vehicle average miles per hour, in New York City.
  • Poky, a reference distribution of the Yocto Project

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