Polesia Voblast

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Polesia Voblast
Палеская вобласць
Полесская Область
Voblast of Belarusian SSR


Location of Polesia
Capital Mozyr
Historical era Cold War
 •  Established 15 January 1938
 •  Disestablished 8 January 1954
Political subdivisions 15 raions

Polesia Voblast (Belarusian: Палеская вобласць, Russian: Полесская Область) was an administrative division in Soviet Belarus. It was created on January 15, 1938. It included territories of eastern Polesia and consisted of 15 raions. Center of Polesia Voblast was town of Mozyr.

On January 8, 1954 the Voblast was liquidated and became part of Homyel Voblast.

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