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Police Headquarters was a 1932 crime radio drama. Bruce Eells Associates produced this series which was syndicated to West Coast NBC radio stations.[1] Each program lasted for about 15 minutes: music was featured in the first part of the show, an announcer would do a commercial or two, then the 12 minute episode would follow. A total of thirty-nine episodes were produced.[2]

The program centered on a citizen reporting a crime via telephone and police use of two-way radio to set up a dragnet to find criminals and solve cases.[3] While the programs were based upon actual cases, they were presented in the program as successfully solved, regardless of the actual outcome.[4] The police in the drama would investigate a murder, a bank robbery, etc. and apprehend the perpetrators. In some cases the drama was identifying the perpetrator, while more often it was in apprehending them.[5]


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