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Polimeri Europa is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eni which specialises in the production of chemicals. It produces olefins, aromatics, chlorine derivatives, polyethylene, polystyrene and elastomers. The company currently employs about 700 researchers and (in conjunction with Eni) over 79,000 people.[1] It has four main sections: Basic Chemicals, polyethylene, styrenics and elastomers.[1] Polimeri Europa delivers fuel to the Fusina hydrogen power station.


As of 16 June 2012 the chairman of Polimeri Europa is Piero Raffaelli and the CEO is Alberto Alberti, however the executive chairman is Leonardo Maugeri.


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Polimeri Europa website: http://www.eni.com/it_IT/azienda/attivita-strategie/petrolchimica/polimeri-europa/polimeri-europa.shtml