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Polly Frost is a New York City-based writer, journalist, and playwright specializing in humor and erotic horror. Frost's current work can be seen performed by various NYC-based actors at the Cornelia Street Cafe [1]. During her early journalistic days, Frost interviewed a variety of people, including Julia Child, Pauline Kael, and Winona Ryder.


For the past two years, Frost has been touring the country performing her show "Bad Role Models and What I Learned from Them" and "How to Survive Your Adult Relationship with Your Family." Frost has been a freelance writer for over 25 years. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Scene4 Magazine, Identity Theory, Exquisite Corpse, Art Design Cafe and Narrative Magazine. In 2010, Frost's humor collection "With One Eye Open," was published. In 2007, her collection of satirical erotic horror and science fiction stories "Deep Inside" was published.


Frost published a collection of essays, stories, and humor pieces in 2010 with the title "With One Eye Open" (Rapture House). She also co-wrote "The Bannings" (2012) with her husband Ray Sawhill. She is a contributing author for several other books, including "Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies" and two collections of humor that were originally published in The New Yorker magazine.


Frost is married to Ray Sawhill.[1]


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