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Polo Urías is a norteño singer who played bajo sexto from Ojinaga, Chihuahua Mexico. He was A head singer of Los Rieleros del Norte,until a fight broke out in 1994, So he left Los Rieleros del Norte,And formed his own band, Polo Urías y su Maquina Norteña. Some of his most popular hits are Veinte Años, Una Aventura, and Mi Primer Amor.

Early life[edit]

Urías was born in the state of Chihuahua, near the border town of Ojinaga. Urías recalls that when he was very young he would often sing while plowing in the fields with his mules, without any accordions, guitars, or musical instruments.[1] Later, he became a railroad worker.

Musical career[edit]

His first professional work came when he joined Los Jilgueros Del Arroyo .

Although his band is currently based in Hobbs, New Mexico, USA, the city of Ojinaga has officially honored him for his contributions to norteño music. He has also impacted the city of Odessa, Texas leading the mayor of the city, Larry Melton, to honor him with the key to the city and marking every 15 November as "Polo Urias Day". "It's a great honor," the singer says, because he knows the people of Odessa have watched him grow.

Today, he formed the band Polo Urías y su Maquina Norteña (Polo Urías and his Engine of the North), which is extremely popular on regional Mexican radio in both the United States and Mexico.

  • In 1994 the band released Rifaré mi suerte (First Polo Urias album solo)
  • In 1995 the band released Sigue la Aventura (First as Polo Urias y Su Máquina Norteña)
  • In 1996 the band released Incontentible and El Campeon de Campeones'
  • In 1997 the band released A todo vapor
  • In 1998 the band released Corridos and A que te supo
  • In 2000 the band released Mi Historia
  • In 2001 the band released De Chihuahua para ti
  • In 2002 the band released Sin Frenos
  • In 2003 the band released Para mi raza
  • In 2004 the band released En La Cumbre
  • In 2005 the band released Que Barbaros and Polo Urias En Vivo
  • In 2006 the band released Y...sigue la maquina dando
  • In 2008 the band released A Paso Firme with the single "Seis Pies Abajo"
  • In 2009 the band released Sigo Siendo El Maestro with the single "Aunque Me Duela".
  • In 2011 the band released Grandes Recuerdos de Cantina with the single "La Puntada"
  • In 2013 the band released La Madre de todas la maquinas with the single "Soledad"
In 2014 the band released  Clasicas De Ayer Y Siempre  with the single "Por El Amor A Mi Madre"

Personal life[edit]

Polo Urías has eleven siblings, many of whom are also members of norteño bands. He is the uncle of Adolfo Urías, another norteño singer. His latest release Y sigue la maquina dando featuring the hit single "Porque Volviste" was a hit in the U.S.

In 2007, he bought a tour bus valued at over $250,000 after his original bus was burned in 2006. All members of the band were on board, and asleep at the time of the incident, but somehow managed to escape unharmed thanks to a motorist who flagged the bus driver down.

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