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Polykarp Leyser II (20 November 1586, Wittenberg - 15 January 1633, Leipzig) was a German Lutheran theologian and superintendent in Leipzig. He was professor of theology since 1613.



His father Polykarp Leyser the Elder, was a theologian. His mother was Elisabeth, daughter of the painter Lucas Cranach the Younger.



He was the father of nine recorded children, most of whom became theologians. His son, Johann Leyser [de], was also a theologian, but found himself cut off from his family for his controversial defense of polygamy. One of Polykarp's sons, however, Michael Leyser became a physician and anatomist, making important contributions to documenting the medical advances of the time, notably in respect of the Lymphatic system.[1]

His grandson Polykarp Leyser III and his great-grandson Polykarp Leyser IV were all also theologians.


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