Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau

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Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau
360, boulevard la Vérendrye
Gatineau, Quebec, J8P 6K7
School type High school
School board Commission Scolaire des Draveurs
Principal Stéphanie Bourbonnais
Grades Secondary 1-5
Enrollment approx. 3000 students
Language French

Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau is public secondary school located in Gatineau, Quebec. The school is located at the corner of Boulevards Labrosse and La Vérendrye in the city's east end. It is run by the Commission Scolaire des Draveurs school board in Gatineau. The Nicolas-Gatineau school is the largest in the city of Gatineau, enrolling about 3000 students every year from Secondary 1 to 5, and the second largest in Quebec.

Concentration programs[edit]

The school offers a series of concentrations programs in several domains including music, drama art, sports, dance, math sciences, etc. These programs are only offered to students who performed above average at the primary level and only a maximum of 32 students are admitted to a particular concentration program. The sports concentration is a program called Sports-Etudes in which students can be part of a sport team or practicing any sports at a different level, including international.


  • The school is also home to several regional sports team including basketball, hockey, soccer and football. Several of the teams are called the Phenix. The hockey club, L'Intrepide de Gatineau is a Triple-A midget club that plays in a provincial midget league.
  • Every year, a special event in which people are cycling around the school for 30 straight hours is held with proceeds going to charities. A similar event happens every few years, in the course of the Integrator class, is a fasting that last 30 hours as well, fondings go to charity as well.
  • The Fondation de la Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau, which started in 1994 is a non-profit program which financially and educationally helps students in their formation.
  • Every year, the school holds a talent show before Christmas and another one in the end of May. In this show you can find many dance numbers performed by the students of dance concentration or the students of the optional dance classes that are given in 3 secondary.
  • Nicolas-Gatineau is one of the schools in Gatineau that now has a school uniform. The school was known to be against uniforms because they say that every student is different and they should be allowed to express themselves by the way they dress. On the other hand, the school has rules about clothes, for example: No sign of violence ( skulls, guns...etc. ) are allowed on clothes, shirts have to cover the stomach and must be 10 centimeters above the knee. Scarves and ties are no longer allowed due to students "over-exaggerating" with them. No alterations are allowed to be made to the uniforms, if a teacher catches you, you have to call your parents to get you clothing that seem "acceptable" to the school or buy new items at school, and many other rules that make sure that the students dress appropriately for school.
  • The school also published a magazine called Le Phenix Virtuel, which oftens gives news about the school or reports on diverse social issues. Nico is the name of the mascot of the school.

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