Ponnu Velayira Bhoomi

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Ponnu Velayira Bhoomi
Directed byK. Krishnan
Produced byA. G. Subramanian
Written byK. Krishnan
Music byDeva
CinematographyRavi Shankar
Edited byA. K. Shankar
C. Srinivasan
AGS Films International
Release date
  • 10 April 1998 (1998-04-10)
Running time
135 minutes

Ponnu Velayira Bhoomi is a 1998 Tamil comedy-drama film directed by K. Krishnan. The film features Rajkiran, Kushboo and Vineetha in lead roles, with Manivannan, Vadivelu, R. Sundarrajan, Venniradai Moorthy, Vittal Rao and Latha playing supporting roles. The film, produced by A. G. Subramanian, had musical score by Deva and was released on 10 April 1998.[1][2][3][4]


Palanisamy (Rajkiran) is a kind-hearted rich farmer and he soon becomes the village chief. Palanisamy is known in his village for holding demonstrations. The poor village girl Valli (Vineetha) falls in love with Palanisamy until Valli knows that Palanisamy is in fact married to Pushpa (Kushboo) who is mentally ill.

In the past, Pushpa was an arrogant english-medium school owner. She first clashed with Palanisamy, then they fell in love with each other. On a misunderstanding, they get married and they lived happily together. Pushpa's father (Vittal Rao) wanted to take revenge on Palanisamy. During her childbirth, Pushpa's newborn baby died and Pushpa couldn't get pregnant again. Just after this incident, Pushpa became mentally ill.

Valli decides to take care of Pushpa. Later, at the village court, Valli claims that Palanisamy married her. In the meantime, Pushpa becomes again as she was and the upset Pushpa goes back to her parents. Palanisamy feels lost.

Meanwhile, the farmers have been scammed by a vicious businessman (Manivannan) and Pushpa's father. Palanisamy recovers the farmers' properties and ultimately saves Pushpa's father from the angry farmers. Pushpa then reveals to Palanisamy that she wanted to see Palanisamy having a baby so she plans everything with Valli's help. Palanisamy and Valli forgive Pushpa. Palanisamy and Pushpa live happily ever after.



The film took over a year to make, and had a delayed release.[5]


Ponnu Velayira Bhoomi
Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Deva. The soundtrack, released in 1998, features 5 tracks with lyrics written by Vaali.[6][7]

Track Song Singer(s) Duration
1 'Paattu Kattum Kuyilu' Swarnalatha 5:09
2 'Oorae Mathichi Nikkum' Mano, Swarnalatha 4:09
3 'Poya Unn Moonjule' Deva, Anuradha Sriram, Swarnalatha, Vadivelu 3:36
4 'Vettu Vettu' Swarnalatha 4:33
5 'Mania Thalikatti' K. S. Chithra 5:55


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