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Puebla, Mexico
Linguistic classification Oto-Manguean
  • Eastern
  • Central/Western
Glottolog popo1294[1]
The Popoloca languages, number 6 (purple), center.

Popoloca is an indigenous Mexican cluster of languages of the Popolocan branch of the Oto-Manguean language family, closely related to Mazatec. They are spoken by 18,000 [2] in Puebla state, Mexico, near Tehuacán.


The Ethnologue distinguishes seven varieties of Popoloca as separate languages. However, these fall into four groups with 75% mutual intelligibility or greater.

  • Eastern Popoloca
    • Southern (Atzingo–Metzontla: San Juan, Los Reyes)
    • Northern (Temalacayuca–Tlacoyalco: San Luis, San Marcos)
  • Central Popoloca
    • Coyotepec (San Mateo dialect may be distinct, or a dialect of San Felipe)
    • Western (Ahuatempan–Otlaltepec: Santa Inés, San Felipe)


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