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Port Belmont, also known as Belmont and Surf Inlet, was a gold-mining camp located on northern Princess Royal Island on the Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It was staked during the copper rush of the 1910s on the Alaska Panhandle, on the seaward site of the remote and exposed Surf Inlet. Access to the inlet was on the rough Pacific side of Surf Inlet. The mine operated from 1918 until 1926 when the operation had a wharf, camp, 20 ton/hr mill, Riblet tramway and Fairbanks-Morse diesel plant. Eight million dollars' worth of gold ore was produced in the 8 years of production.


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Coordinates: 53°01′59″N 128°54′00″W / 53.033°N 128.900°W / 53.033; -128.900