Port Republic Confederate order of battle

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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Port Republic of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Department of the Valley[edit]

MG Thomas J. Jackson

Division Brigade Regiment or Other

Jackson's Division
     MG Thomas J. Jackson

First (Stonewall) Brigade

   BG Charles S. Winder

Second (Campbell’s) Brigade

   Col John M. Patton

Second (Taliaferro's) Brigade

   BG William B. Taliaferro


Ewell's Division
     MG Richard S. Ewell

Second (Steuart's) Brigade

   Col W.C. Scott

Fourth (Elzey's) Brigade

   Col James A. Walker

Seventh (Trimble's) Brigade

   BG Isaac Trimble

  • 15th Alabama Infantry - Col James Cantey
  • 21st Georgia Infantry - Col John T. Mercer
  • 16th Mississippi Infantry - Col Carnot Posey
  • 21st North Carolina Infantry - Col William W. Kirkland
Eighth (Taylor's) Brigade

   BG Richard Taylor


   Col Stapleton Crutchfield

  • Brockenbrough’s Battery - Cpt John B. Brockenbrough
  • Courtney’s Battery - Cpt A. R. Courtney
  • Lusk’s Battery - Cpt John A. M. Lusk
  • Raine’s Battery - Cpt Charles I. Raine
  • Rice's Battery - Cpt William H. Rice
Cavalry Brigade

   Col Thomas T. Munford


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