Port of St. Helens

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Port of St. Helens
Port of St Helens headquarters - Oregon.JPG
Port headquarters
Country United States
Location St. Helens, Oregon
Coordinates 45°53′40″N 122°48′29″W / 45.894336°N 122.807984°W / 45.894336; -122.807984Coordinates: 45°53′40″N 122°48′29″W / 45.894336°N 122.807984°W / 45.894336; -122.807984[1]
Opened 1940
Governing body Board of Port Commissioners

The Port of St. Helens is the port authority for St. Helens, Oregon, United States. The port is a municipal corporation formed under state law to engage in public development activities. Under Oregon law, port districts have a broad range of economic development powers. The Port of St. Helens owns and operates properties throughout its district from the Clatsop County line in the northwest of Columbia County, to the Multnomah County line in the southeast, a six-mile-wide band that follows 51 miles of the Columbia River within Columbia County. The boundaries include the cities of Scappoose, Warren, St. Helens, Columbia City, Rainier and Clatskanie. The Port of St. Helens also owns and operates Scappoose Industrial Airpark in Scappoose and Scappoose Bay Marina in Warren.

The Board of Port Commissioners is elected by district residents. The board sets policy, approves a budget, hires an executive director, and does other things in the best interest of district residents. The executive director acts as the administrative arm of the port.[citation needed]


  1. ^ The Port offices are located at 100 E Street, Columbia City, Oregon 97018