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News for September 2011:

Sokol, Samuel (September 25, 2010). "Settlement Leaders Concerned Over Arab Patrols Following Highway Attack". Algemeiner Journal. 
  • September 25: Anarchists and other activists join Irish Travellers in defense of the Dale Farm community from eviction by government forces.
Ashworth, Roddy (September 25, 2010). "When The Anarchists Met The Travellers...". Daily Express. 
Zink, Janet (September 20, 2010). "Tampa readies security for GOP convention". Miami Harold. 
Dugatki, Lee Alan (September 13, 2010). "The Prince of Evolution: Peter Kropotkin's Adventures in Science and Politics". Scientific American. 
Johnson, Eric Michael (September 13, 2010). "The Primate Diaries: The Prince of Evolution". Scientificamerican.com. 
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