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The list below is shown on Portal:Belgium. All articles listed here should also be listed at Portal:Belgium/New article announcements, where also templates and images can be announced. Note that entries are separated by ndashes "–", not hyphens "-". (They may look the same in the edit window, but display differently in most browsers). nDashes can be created with the first character in the "Insert" box or by "–".

New articles or recently expanded: Liège-Guillemins train station - Revolution Liégeoise - Karl-Heinz Lambertz - Altiora Averbode - Dany - Paul Cuvelier - Luc Cromheecke - François Craenhals - Jan Bosschaert - Stijn Coninx - Jules Destrée - Arthur Berckmans - 0110 concerts - Will Tura - Pierre Carette - Johan Vande Lanotte

New stubs (you can help and expand them): Eeuwfeestkliniek - Jaak Boon - Fernand Feyaerts - Wim Feyaerts - Ronnie Commissaris - De Kotmadam - Annick Van Dam - Miel Louw - ABC-auto - Koninklijk Conservatorium (Brussel) - Luk De Konink - Marijke Hofkens - Mark De Bie - Guy Bernaert - Vincent Rouffaer - Alfa Papa Tango - L'Affaire Labricole - Abdijen in de lage landen - Antwerp International Airport - Aangename kennismaking - Aan tafel - Arlette Sterckx - Leo Madder - Spoed - Verschoten & zoon - Grietje Vanderheijden - Herman Van Rompuy - National Congress of Belgium - Marleen Vanderpoorten - Committee for Another Policy - Isabelle Simonis - Magda De Galan

When removing items from this list, please check that they are listed at Portal:Belgium/New article announcements.