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You are welcome to add a new DYK fact related to Germany which has appeared or will appear on the Main page. 5 to 8 facts may be shown. If your fact was pictured, it should take the top position. The one there should take its chronological position. If your fact is not pictured, it should take the second position. Please add a date.

Please check if a fact should be removed now. If you can remove one of yourself, go ahead. If not, consider to remove the oldest one. In case of doubt don't remove.

The facts in this section come and go. For a record of the DYK articles, please archive now at Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany/DYK 2018. Did you know ...

Portrait of Alma Mahler by Oskar Kokoschka, 1912, oil on canvas - National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo - DSC06553.JPG