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Selected pictures list[edit]

Pictures 1-20[edit]

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/1

Credit: Image created by NASA

Gonave Island, Haiti. February 1994.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/2

Riot PetionVille.jpg
Credit: Patrick-André Perron, 2006.

Riot in Port-au-Prince.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/3

Sans-Souci Palace entrance.jpg
Credit: Rémi Kaupp

The entrance of the Sans-Souci palace, in Milot, Haiti.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/4

Haiti elections 2006.jpg
Credit: Robert Miller (Haiti Innovation)

Voters queue to cast their vote during the Haitian general election, 2006

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/5

Cross above Cap-Haitien.jpg
Credit: Rémi Kaupp

The cross on Morne Jean, above Cap-Haïtien.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/6

Jean-Jacques Dessalines statue.jpg
Credit: Rémi Kaupp

Statue of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, figure of the Haitian revolution.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/7

Citadelle Laferrière guns 2.jpg
Credit: Rémi Kaupp

The Citadelle Laferrière, near Milot in Haiti : guns and bullets at the rear.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/8

Credit: Doron

A taptap (shared taxi) in central Port-au-Prince.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/9

Fishing boat being built in Cap-Haitien.jpg
Credit: Rémi Kaupp

A fishing boat being built in Cap-Haïtien.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/10

Credit: Doron

Vodou ceremony in Jacmel.

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/11

Haitian national palace earthquake.jpg
Credit: Logan Abassi, UNDP global

The National Palace of Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/12 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/12

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/13 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/13

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/14 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/14

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/15 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/15

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/16 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/16

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/17 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/17

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/18 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/18

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/19 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/19

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/20 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/20

Pictures 21-40[edit]

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/21 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/21

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/22 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/22

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/23 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/23

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/24 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/24

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/25 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/25

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/26 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/26

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/27 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/27

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/28 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/28

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/29 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/29

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/30 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/30

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/31 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/31

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/32 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/32

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/33 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/33

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/34 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/34

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/35 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/35

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/36 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/36

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/37 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/37

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/38 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/38

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/39 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/39

Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/40 Portal:Haiti/Selected picture/40


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