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How to suggest a quote for the Hawaiʻi Portal[edit]

This page is to be used for those who wish to suggest a new quote for the Hawaiʻi Portal. Keep in mind that since this portal is about Hawaiʻi, the quote should have been made by either a.) an individual of Hawaiian descent, or b.) anyone as long as the quote is about Hawaiʻi.

Please do NOT use this page to comment on current quotes. If you wish to make a comment about a current quote, please do so on the Portal talk page.

  1. Add the suggestion at the bottom of this page using the following format:
=== Headline ===

Quote, and who said it
  1. To support or oppose a quote, use the following formatting under its headline:
*'''Support''' - (reason) - (signature)

*'''Oppose''' - (reason) - (signature)