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Please add yourself to the list if you are contributing to articles about Latvia. Please also add your area of expertise or interests and relations to Latvia.

  • User:Untifler: Hallo! I'm interested in Russian Civil War and the involvement of Red Latvian Riflemen. As the most source I find are published in Russian I have a major problem, how to spell the Latvian names correctly. So, the first will be Janis Judensh (Russian Янис Юденьш). I'm waiting for your help!
  • Pēters Jānis Vecrumba - Native Brooklynite. My father graduated from the Latvian Academy of Art; my mother was assistant postmaster in Talsi when the occupation and war came. My parents happened to be away from the family homestead when the Baigais Gads mass deportations came [1]. When not fiddling with Wikipedia--a recent affliction--I tend to our Latvian travelogue, heritage, and reference site latvians.com.
  • Pēteris Cedriņš - I'm one of the translators of the controversial history of Latvia in the 20th Century published in Latvian and Russian by Jumava last year (the English version will be out soon). At Wiki I've mostly written and edited articles on history and culture (the ones I've contributed the most to are listed on my user page, which also covers my interests, experience and "Web presence.")