Poslednie Tanki V Parizhe

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Poslednie Tanki V Parizhe (Последние танки в Париже; abbreviated П.Т.В.П., PTVP, or PTWP) is a Russian punk rock band from Saint-Petersburg. The band's name translates as The Last Tanks in Paris.

The group was founded in 1996 and has released six full-length albums in Russia. It was formed by drummer Edward Starkov and vocalist Alexei Nikonov. The group has intimated that their latest album, 2008's Zerkalo, will be the last they release on CD, believing it to be a dying medium.[1] They are noted for their strong views against authoritarianism in Russian politics, and have repeatedly denounced the actions of Vladimir Putin in their lyrics.[2] At the time the group first formed, it was one of comparatively few political rock bands in Russia, many of the anti-communist bands of the 1980s having broken up or moved into mainstream music after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. However, over the course of the 2000s, PTVP has become one of several well-known bands with outspoken political viewpoints in Russian rock music.[2][3]


  • Alexei Nikonov - vocals
  • Anton Dokuchaev - guitar
  • Iegor Nedviga - bass, backing vocals
  • Denis Krivtsov - drums


Studio albums
  • 1998 — Девственность (Virginity)
  • 1999 — Порномания (Pornomania)
  • 2001 — Гексаген (Hexagene)
  • 2004 — 2084
  • 2007 — Свобода слова (Freedom of Speech)
  • 2008 — Зеркало (The Mirror)
  • 2010 — Порядок вещей (The Order of Things)
  • 2012 — Ультиматум (The Ultimatum)
  • 2014 — Ключи от всех дверей (The Skeleton Key)
Singles, EPs, Demos
  • 1996: Olkaa Hyuve (single) (Finnish "You are Welcome")
  • 1996: Собаки в глазах (single) (Dogs in your Eyes)
  • 1998: Кировский / Дачный / Ласковый Муй Акустика (Kirovsky, Dachny (Suburban), My Tender Acoustics)
  • 1999: Порномания 99 (Pornomania 99)
  • 2001: Враньёмиксы (Lies Mix)
  • 2001: Гексаген (Переиздание’04) (Hexagene, Reissued '04)
  • 2002: Девствительность (Live) (Untraslatable portmanteau word, fusion of Reality and Virginity)
  • 2002: Может быть Хуже (Live in Moloko 10-07-2002) (Might be worse)
  • 2003: Кровь и Сперма (Live in Oplandina 2003) (Blood and Sperm)
  • 2004: Евростандарт (single) (Eurostandard)
  • 2005: 2085
  • 2005: Свобода cлова (Demo) (Freedom of Speech)
  • 2006: Зелёные поезда (Acoustic, Live in Вологда 20-05-2006) (Green Trains) (Live in Vologda)
  • 2006: Техника Быстрой Записи (The Technique of Speedy Recording)
  • 2007: Обычный день (Media EP) (An Ordinary Day)
  • 2009: Репортаж с петлёй на шее (EP) (Chimera cover)
  • 2007: Права человека (Live in Oplandina 02-05-2006) (Human Rights)