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Post Records
Origin Orlando, Florida
Genres Pop, Americana, metal, indie rock, folk
Years active 2004–present

Post Records is an American record label which was formed by Buzz Curtis in the early-1960s. Located in Philadelphia, PA. Curtis pressed many such compilations in the 1960s and 1970s. Most would contain one or two localized hits. Both volumes of "CKLW Solid Gold" were American LPs, pressed by Post Records of Philadelphia.


  • POST-30 - WIBG Presents 30 Big Goldens
  • POST-68 - WRKO 30 Now Goldens
  • POST-560 - WQAM The Roarin' 30 Album
  • POST-610 - KILT Double Gold
  • POST-747 - WRKO 30 Now Goldens Vol.2
  • POST 987 - WOR-FM 98.7 Double Golden 1968
  • POST 7001 - WOR-FM 98.7 Solid Gold Double Album 1970

The following were POST releases of Coed material. Although listed as stereo, they were re-channeled stereo even though the Coed recordings were in stereo.

  • POST-1000 - The Duprees Sing, late-1960s
  • POST-2000 - The Rivieras Sing, late-1960s
  • POST-3000 - The Crests Sing, late-1960s
  • POST-6000 - The Beau Brummels Sing, late-1960s
  • POST-11000 - The Duprees Sing, Volume 2, early-1970s[1]

Produced by Buzz Curtis: 30 Now Goldens (2xLP, Comp)-- Post Records—1968 WSAI Command Performance" (2xLP, Comp)--Post Records—1970 93/KHJ: "Sound Of The Sixties" (2xLP)--Pacer—1970 The Duprees Sing (LP)--Post Records WIBG: 30 Big Goldens (2xLP, Comp)--Post Records CKLW - Solid Gold (2xLP) KLIV Super 16 Hits (lp, Comp)--Post Records (