Postal and Telegraph Clerks' Association

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The Postal and Telegraph Clerks' Association was a trade union in the United Kingdom for workers in the post office and telecommunications industries. It was founded in 1881 and in 1919 became part of the Union of Post Office Workers (later to be renamed Union of Communication Workers) by the merger of the Postmen's Federation, Postal and Telegraph Clerks' Association and the Fawcett Association. It achieved official recognition, and as a result, in 1920 the London Postal Porters' Association, Central London Postmen's Association, Tracers' Association, Tube Staff Association, Messengers' Association and Sorters' Association all merged with it.

General Secretaries:

1881: T Wilkinson 1881 - 1886 T Morris 1886 - 1890 JE Scott 1890 - 1897 TD Venables 1898 - 1903 CE Hall 1903 - 1906 Thomas McKinney 1906 - 1910 William Johnson 1910 - 1914 ER Tuck 1914 - 1919 JG Newlove