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The Potential Royal Marines Course, often abbreviated to PRMC, is the Royal Marines selection course for Potential Recruits. The course is held at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, and is designed to assess a candidate's suitability for entry into the Royal Marines.

Day 1[edit]

Candidates arrive at the centre and receive a briefing and some boots.[1]

Day 2[edit]

On the second day candidates are given basic drill training and then undertake a 2.4 km run as a group within 12.5 minutes and then a second 2.4 km run as quickly as possible in under 10.5 minutes.[1] These runs are undertaken outside and are scored out of 5,contributing to your overall score.[2]

Gym tests are conducted in the afternoon of the first day. There are four main physical criteria that must be completed in the gym, each is marked out of 5 points and candidates must achieve a minimum of 16 points across the 6 elements (including the timed assault course and 1.5 mile run). These are:[1]

  • The VO2 Max bleep test (also known as the 'bleep test'.) Maximum level is 15 for maximum points, minimum pass score is level 10.5 to stay on the course.
  • Pressups are carried out immediately after the bleep test. A maximum score of 5 points is achieved for 60 press-ups are conducted to an audible bleep. These are carried out with arms locked into sides and shoulder width apart. The partner puts his fist on the floor facing away and counts one repetition for every time the chest touches his fist. Instructors observe to make sure the assessment is carried out flawlessly, and any poor form will result in press-ups being deducted from your final score. If you put your knees onto the floor you will be told to stop.
  • Situps come straight after the press-ups. 85 are needed for maximum points, again 5 points, as with every other gym exercise sit ups are conducted to an audible bleep. Carried out with partner holding feet, elbows must touch top of knees and then the shoulders and elbows must touch the floor on the way down for a repetition to count. Knees must remain together or else reps will be deducted.
  • Pullups follow situps. A minimum of 3 are required to stay on the course but any less than 5 will be looked at critically and 16 will gain the maximum of 5 points. Carried out with an over-grasp grip, the candidate is required to pull and hold the position until told to extend the arms; pull-ups are performed to the "bend" and "stretch" commands. The candidates chin must pass over the top of the bar to count and on the way down our body must be straight hanging down from the bar. Your legs must not cross. If the chin does not satisfactorily pass above the bar, or candidates cannot keep up with the commands, the candidate will be told to "drop off".

After Gym tests there is a short swimming assessment. This is the final assessment of the day and involves you jumping off the high diving board (3m) in normal swimming kit and swimming a maximum of 4 lengths (approx 100m) of breast stroke. You must complete at least 1 length, followed by retrieving a brick from the bottom of the pool which is 3m deep. If you complete 1 but less than 4 lengths you will be graded as a WEAK SWIMMER and you will be advised to improve before joining and could delay your start date for joining recruit training.[1]

Day 3[edit]

During the third day candidates complete:[1]

  • The "Tarzan Assault Course" conducted up to 30 foot off the ground
  • The bottom field assault course which involves team games and other arduous physical activities
  • An endurance course lasting 90 minutes and covering 2.5 miles undertaken on Woodbury Common
  • An over-night exercise which is intended to promote team building

Day 4[edit]

On the fourth day candidates get a lecture from a physical training instructor, a medical briefing and a pay briefing. Candidates are then told if they have passed or not.[1]


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