Powder River (radio)

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Powder River
Genre Radio drama
Running time 30min
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
Home station XM Satellite Radio from 2005-2013, Imagination Theater First show of the month
Syndicates Audible, iTunes, Amazon.
Starring Jerry Robbins, Derek Aalerud, Lincoln Clark, Joseph Zamparelli, Shana Dirik, Marcia Friedman, Diane Lind, Diane Capen, Gabriel Clark.
Announcer Bill Hammond (seasons 1-4), Sam Donato (Seasons 5- present)
Created by Jerry Robbins
Written by Jerry Robbins
Directed by Jerry Robbins
Senior editor(s) Seth Adam Sher
Edited by Seth Adam Sher, Chris Snyder, M.J. Cogburn, Jerry Robbins
Produced by Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air
Executive producer(s) Mark Vander Berg
Original release 2004 – current
No. of episodes 150
Opening theme Music by Jeffrey Gage

Powder River is a radio-drama series produced by the Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air. The series is written by Jerry Robbins, and takes place in Clearmont, Wyoming. It airs on Imagination Theater.


Season One (2004)[edit]

Season Two (2005)[edit]

Season Three (2006)[edit]

Season Four (2006)[edit]

Specials (2007)[edit]

  • S01: "Guns of Powder River" (Feature-length)
  • S02: "Powder River and the Mountain of Gold" (Feature-length)

Season Five (2011)[edit]

Season Six (2012-2013)[edit]

Season Seven (2013)[edit]

Season Eight (2013)[edit]

Season Nine (2014)[edit]

Season Ten (2014)[edit]

Season Eleven (2015)[edit]

Season Twelve (2015)[edit]