Prageeth Eknaligoda

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Prageeth Ranjan Eknaligoda
Occupation Political Writer, Cartoonist Journalist
Nationality Sri Lankan
Notable works Cave Arts of 21st Century
Spouse Sandya Eknelygoda

Prageeth Eknaligoda is a cartoonist, political analyst and journalist. He was reported missing on January 24, 2010 - two days before the presidential polls in Sri Lanka when the island was under the Presidency of Mahinda Rajapakse.[1][2][3] He actively participated in the presidential campaign of common opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka while working as a freelance journalist for a pro-opposition website[4][5] Members of his family believe he has been abducted by pro-government supporters because he was investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons, charges that was denied by the government of Sri Lanka.[3][6] In 2009 Amnesty International released information regarding circumstances of his disappearance.[7] Reporters without borders has issued a statement concerning him.[2] The investigation is being led by the Colombo Crimes Division.[8] His wife was given an International Women of Courage Award in 2017 for her campaigns.


Eknaligoda had been investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians by Sri Lankan army in the fight against the Tamil Terrorists.[9] He left his office on 24 January 2010 evening saying that he has to meet an old friend. He has not been seen since that.[10]

Government response[edit]

His wife Sandya Eknaligoda, his family and several activist groups have accused the Sri Lanka government of being directly responsible for his disappearance. At a meeting of United Nations Convention Against Torture in Geneva, Sri Lanka's then Attorney General (Former Chief Justice) Mohan Peiris dismissed the charges against government and said that Eknaligoda has sought asylum abroad.[10] But when questioned in the court later, he told that he does not remember who the source of his information was and that “only god knows” the whereabouts of Eknaligoda.[11]

Reappearence allegations[edit]

On June 5, 2013 a government Member of the parliament claimed that Eknaligoda was living in France.[12] But several Sri Lankan journalists in exile in France, including Manjula Wediwardana, whom that Member of parliament alleged to have taken him to meet Prageeth, vehemently denied the claims that Prageeth is living in hiding in France. French embassy in Colombo too denied any claims that Prageeth is living in France.[13][14]

Free Media Movement (FMM) Convener Sunil Jayasekara in a statement on the MPs allegations told[13]

“We think the MP is using Parliamentary privileges and trying to mislead the people. He is claiming that a journalist had introduced Mr. Ekneligoda to him when he visited France in January this year. However the journalist Manjula Wediwardana has sent an e-mail to us saying he never met the MP in France or introduced any Mr. Ekneligoda to him,”.

2015 probe[edit]

In March 2015 the government launched a probe of the disappearance of Eknaligoda,[15] but his wife expressed dissatisfaction over the government's actions.[16] In January 2016 Bodu Bala Sena leader was arrested after he disrupted court proceedings on Eknaligoda disappearance [17]


In 2017 Sandya Eknaligoda was given an International Women of Courage Award for her campaigns.[18][19]

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